Composite material   奧地利  ISOVOLTA GROUP

The ISOVOLTA Aviation & Transportation division has been specializing for the last 30 years in the production of materials for the interior of aircraft passenger cabins and cargo compartments. The world over, the aviation industry relies on the comprehensive, fully integrated and coordinated product system that meets the highest requirements in terms of thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. With a wide range of prepregs, technical laminates, cut parts and technical thermoplastics and decorative laminate films, ISOVOLTA positioned itself as a unique international system provider for interior applications in passenger cabins.

Main Products主要產品:

航空等級預浸材料Prepregs  層壓版 Technical Laminates

飛機和列車客艙用Interior Applications:

  1. 天花板Ceiling Panel

  2. 側壁板Sidewall Panel

  3. 隔斷牆Partition Wall   

  4. 客艙地板Flooring

  5. 貨艙地板Cargo Flooring


RADOME 雷達罩  A320 (唯一供應商 Single Source)

另也供應 A330  A350

Taiwan contact :

Annie Hsiao

Tel: +886-975-297-599

Fax: +886-3-9233800


耐高温預浸料High Temp. Prepregs (氰酸酯樹脂 Cyanat Ester Resin)

玻璃轉化温度 380C Tg  up to 380°C


柔軟好應用 Extremely Flexible 



  1. 發動機罩 Engine Covers 

  2. 賽車級耐高溫導管 Brake Ducts 

  3. 熱防護 Heat Shields