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全球最大合成金屬硫化物生產巨擘  產能 25,000噸/年

Tribotecc is the global market and technology leader in high performance metal sulfides and development partner of the friction industry.


Stabilizing the friction coefficient at a high level,our products increase comfort at the same time and extend the durability of brake pads and brake discs.


We have excellent partnership with customers and suppliers with advanced technology expertise and outstanding capabilities.

Tribotecc products

Friction –剎車片用摩擦穩定劑

Lubricants –極壓耐磨潤滑脂用添加劑

Polymers –PPA,PEEK,PPS高等工程塑膠耐磨改性添加劑

Powder Metallurgy –燒結粉末冶金機械加工添加劑


We have largest production capacity of various special metal sulfides worldwide with highest quality and environmental standards   

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Metal sulfides

三硫化二銻          Sb2S3       Antimony trisulfide

硫化鉍                  Bi2S3        Bismuth sulfide

硫化鉻                  Cr2S3       Chromium (III) sulfide

二硫化銅              Cu2S        Copper (I) sulfide

硫化銅                  CuS          Copper (II) sulfide

硫化銅鐵              CuFeS2    Copper iron sulfide

硫化鐵                  FeS           Iron (II) sulfide

二硫化鐵              FeS2         Iron disulfide (Pyrite)

硫化錳                  MnS          Manganese (II) sulfide

二硫化鉬              MoS2        Molybdenum disulfide

硫化銀                  Ag2S        Silver sulfide

硫化鎢                  WS2         Tungsten disulfide

硫化錫                  SnS          Tin (II) sulfide

二硫化錫              SnS2        Tin (IV) sulfide

硫化鋅                  ZnS          Zinc sulfide

多相合金硫化物   Synthetic multiphase metal sulfides (CPX-, SLX-, SCX-series)

Other Products

  • Synergistic solid lubricant systems based on synthetic metal sulfides (SLS-, WEP-series)

  • Complex chlorides based on manganese

  • Tin metal powder,Antimony metal powder

Company Sites

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1010 Vienna, Austria

製造工廠 Arnoldstein

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Powder Metallurgy




✓ 新型機械加工添加劑,相較於傳統硫化錳,顯著增加刀具使用壽命40%以上。

✓ 硫化物的添加可以積極影響其他性能,例如硬度及斷裂載荷。

✓ 金屬硫化物可以有效改善部件的摩擦性能。



  • Disc brake pads 

  • Brake linings 

  • Clutch facings 


  • Stabilize friction coefficient at a high level 

  • Ensure a high friction coefficient even with 
small pads/discs and low brake pressure 

  • Improve comfort (NVH) 

  • Ensure high durability 

  • Reduce pad and disc wear 

Prevent brake fading 


Tribotecc has developed a new generation of solid lubricant systems based on synthetic sulfides to use in lubricating greases and pastes, varnishes and coatings. These triboactive products reduce the friction coefficient and wear under extreme pressures, improve the load-carrying behavior, ensure good adhesion on metal and extend the lifetime of the lubricated components.


Tribological applications contain mainly high-performance polymers that withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 300 °C and beyond. Replacing metal with polymers saves on both weight and cost. A further point in favor of using components made of tribologically optimised compounds is that they are self-lubricating and maintenance-free – resulting in an environmentally clean solution which further helps to reduce cost. In addition to thermal stability, these materials offer other advantages such as high rigidity, impact strength, pressure resistance, higher resistance to hydrolysis and chemicals, and electrical conductivity.

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