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By Virtue of the proximity of manufacturing and excellence in services, IOE will always be willing to become your OEM and ODM centre. Many of our reliable transformers have been consistently delivered throughout the world for more than 25 years. With strict quality control, IOE runs an advanced design and production team to ensure every part is tailor- made for your requirements. 

Our high quality transformers offer superior performance and competitive costs to enhance your market competitiveness. So just adapt our transformers for your computer electronics, entertainment, home appliance, aerospace, medical and industrial automation applications.


The process of OEM/ ODM

Customers are encouraged to work with our engineers to discuss any specific technical features and requirements whilst we continue our research and development on materials and technologies to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective transformers.
We appreciate the opportunities to receive customer’s inquiries and review the product specifications and parameters. Our engineers will then be able to design new parts or remedial existing parts in accordance with inquiries and provide customers with engineering prototypes and working samples, which wait ( DELETE , which wait ) for further technical approvals. 

Requests for quotations are processed in an efficient manner. If urgently requested, we are able to process it in one to two days. 

Upon receipt of orders, products are handled under IOE’s stringent rules, from design to complete product to ensure each part is tested comprehensively. We also implement (DELETE s) a follow-through procedure to ensure all transformers perform consistently well on their applications.

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