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About Us


As a customer-focused company, we are servicing our customers to cope with fast-paced ( not fast-past ) business challenges in the fields of transformer design and applications.


We provide the most cost effective transformers solutions and innovations. Working closely with alliances, we deal with technical problems, design, engineering, manufacturing, quality and on- time delivery effectively and proactively.

IOE Spirits

The progress and development of the company is realized through the combined efforts and cooperation of each employee in the company. We cooperate and perform our duties with dedication, diligence and integrity. 

We aim at
• Cooperation and Team Spirit 
• Strive for Improvement 
• Courtesy and Humility 
• Benefit our Society  

Product Development

IOE employs strategies of next generations to develop advanced power transformer. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to provide best solutions. Customers are invited to work with our design team; from design, prototype to finished product. Not only do we develop high-volume standard parts, but tailor-made transformers.



The company deploys cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and methodologies to enhance its manufacturing capabilities. We recently installed high-frequency inductor equipments, implemented new ERP systems, expanded major home or end-user appliance productions and established automotive production line for 2.4 GHz applications, etc. We constantly improve our production efficiency through continued engineering and process enhancement.


We strive to become the world’s leading transformers manufacturer. And we continue to focus on high-volume standard parts sales as well as specialized customized parts. We leverage our sales network by working closely with major partners worldwide.
We realize cost is the key to ensuring your (DELETE their) competitiveness, so we always offer the highest quality/price ratio few can provide.


We run efficient manufacturing operations in China, which produce a comprehensive range of transformers. Our transformer has been integrated into a wide range of products, from household appliances and integrated systems to industrial components and machinery. Each transformer goes through comprehensive routine tests. 

Typical types of transformers include:

• Power Transformer 

• Audio Transformer 

• Toroid Transformer 

• Ferrite Transformer 

• Ignition Coil


Looking into the Future

IOE is a custom design manufacturer. We grow steadily by reinvesting our profits in people, technology and society. And we will continue to reinforce our competiveness through working with alliances more closely.
The company strengthens its design, quality and engineering problem solving capabilities with major customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and technical partners. We try to enhance our service and on-time deliveries by streamlined operation processes and shortened lead time. We pursuit to be a reliable transformer manufacturer for tomorrow, and to contribute to the society.

Research and Development

We assemble the strongest team to design specifically for customers according to their specifications, prints, and engineering prototypes. Our R & D Centre conducts engineering anaysis for existing products and prototypes as well as tests for newly- developed products. It also continuesly improve product quality and values. We strive for research and use of automated production technology to manufacture efficiently.


Commitments to the Environment

We have only one planet; as global citizens, we are willing to do our utmost to protect natural environment. We vigorously implement lead-free productions in our factory in line with the "green" concept to reduce any further pollution caused by our products. Other operations such as waste water treatment also make our environment cleaner. Any product scraps such as metal, glass, plastic and byproduct also are handled under standard environmental protection procedures. 
The company commits to create an environmental friendly workplace for our employees and the community.

Our People

People remain IOE’s greatest asset. Our technical abilities rely highly on the knowledge and capabilities of our people. Our people help overcome countless difficulties over the past. We have a cooperative group in the company, which dedicated in building industrial safety in the workplace and implementing employee esteem and welfare. The company also provides skill training to upgrade personal capabilities. We continue to recruit skilled personnel to ensure that we are competitive in the industry.

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